Case study: Wetherell

Peter Wetherell, founder and Chief Executive of Mayfair estate agents Wetherell, shares his thoughts on being a LonRes subscriber

Who is Wetherell?
Based in Mayfair Wetherell is one of London’s premier estate agents.

How LonRes helped the Wetherell business
Life before LonRes meant hours of keeping both the instructions and sold databases up to date. It was essential work, but time-consuming.  

LonRes approached us about becoming a subscriber.  While we had the largest transaction database in our area and were naturally protective of this, I could also see the benefit of having a system that could provide both transparency and access to all property in not just my area of Mayfair but across prime London as a whole. 

LonRes is particularly effective for launching property to market but it’s also good for announcing price reductions and subsequent sales. Solid data is an essential tool in our business – it provides an anchor to valuations and a barometer of the health of the wider London market. The LonRes Pulse – a live data stream of new instructions or properties that have undergone an instruction change – is more than useful, it’s essential to our understanding of what’s happening in the market right now. 

LonRes data is the most up-to-date data available on the London housing market, and its analytics reports reflect this. 

I’d definitely recommend LonRes to other like-minded professionals.  The membership criteria ensures a secure environment in which property professionals can do business together.  It’s a stand-out company – not just as a data provider but as an advocate of best practice for the sector. 


Peter Wetherell, Chief Executive