Res Check


The agent-to-agent Anti-Money Laundering Compliance service

How ResCheck can support your business:

  • Show other agents that you are adhering to AML regulationsᶧ with the ResCheck Mark and certificate
  • Get reassurance on the status of other agents with access to the ResCheck repository of compliance documentation
  • LonRes will ensure you and your team are up-to-speed with all the latest AML compliance guidelines and legislation from HMRC

What is ResCheck?

ResCheck is an agent-to-agent anti-money laundering (AML) compliance service ensuring all LonRes subscribers are adhering to the latest HMRC legislation. This unique service covers the critical HMRC requirement of conducting due diligence on the head agent in a sub-agency relationship - it not only saves you significant time and money, but offers the assurance you need to get on with business without risk.

Why choose ResCheck?

You risk facing severe penalties by proceeding with any viewing before conducting Customer Due Diligence (CDD) on the head agent. ResCheck supports your compliance with CDD, allowing you to continue with business as usual. Complying with HMRC Money Laundering regulations is a legal requirement for all agents. Failing to meet these requirements puts both you and your business at serious risk. ResCheck is not only an easy way to help you adhere to the law but it also makes commercial sense. The ResCheck Mark and related downloadable report provide you and fellow subscribers with instant assurance that required standards have been met and that there is a green light for doing business freely togetherᶧ.

ᶧPlease see LonRes for Terms and Conditions