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Join thousands of property professionals in London and request a free trial to London's most powerful property data network.

  • Our data

    We are the definitive source of property data for central London.

    'We rely on it as the most up-to-date and accurate source of data which proves invaluable to us.'

    Lucy Morton


  • Our network

    Our exclusive subscriber network is strictly limited to known and established property professionals.

    'LonRes allows our firm and clients to maximize the exposure of their property to like-minded property professionals. We have concluded many deals using the unique service.'

    Trevor Abrahamson


  • Our team

    Our team pride themselves on delivering excellence for all our subscribers.

    "The LonRes team is professional, dependable and happy to help. They’re always on hand which is important when time is precious and go the extra mile as a matter of course."

    Alex Bourne

    Beauchamp Estates

We know London

Over 5000 top property professionals working in over 1000 offices subscribe to LonRes with more than 2500 logging in daily. Why? Because no one knows London property like we do.

We understand property

We draw on years of personal experience in the market. At the helm of LonRes are two of the industry's most experienced property professionals, William Carrington and Anthony Payne, who combined have over 70 years of industry expertise.

We know what matters most to our customers

We pride ourselves on the close relationships we have with our many long-standing customers. Asking, listening and acting on their feedback is part of our DNA.

We only develop products that extend business opportunity

We are passionate about building tools that truly help customers secure more business. Our in-house technology specialists excel at making the complex simple so that all our products are easy-to-use, intuitive and deliver results quickly.