Intuitive.Powerful. Indispensable.

Designed for property professionals by property professionals, the LonRes platform, with its subscription-based products and services, is tailor-made to the way that the industry operates.

  • Res Sales


    The most detailed, accurate and up-to-date sales information on the market

    • Sales Agents
    • Property Finders
    • Relocation Agents
  • Res Lettings


    Up-to-the-minute lettings data delivered at an unparalleled depth, quality and speed

    • Lettings Agents
    • Property Finders
    • Relocation Agents
  • Res Data


    Instant access to customisable, up-to-date analysis on London’s housing market

    • Sales Agents
    • Lettings Agents
    • Property Finders
    • Valuers/Surveyors
  • Sales Archive


    The most comprehensive sales archive of London properties in the marketplace

    • Sales Agents
    • Valuers/Surveyors
  • Lettings Archive


    London’s first and only lettings archive, dating back to 2005

    • Lettings Agents
    • Valuers/Surveyors
  • Res Research


    Advanced level bespoke research and data on the dynamics of the capital’s residential market

    • Sales Agents
    • Lettings Agents
    • Valuers/Surveyors
    • Property Finders
    • Relocation Agents
    • Research Analysts
  • Res Country


    Connecting the capital with the country, search and list prime rural homes

    • Sales agents
    • Lettings agents
    • Property finders
    • Valuers/Surveyors
  • Res Check


    The agent-to-agent Anti-Money Laundering Compliance service

    • Sales Agents
    • Lettings Agents
    • Property Finders

In partnership with other industry leaders:

  • LonRes Let Alliance Partnership


    A comprehensive, end-to-end insurance solution designed for the London market

    • Lettings Agents
  • Access Wherever, Whenever

    LonRes works with you throughout the day. Whether you’re in front of your desktop in the office or out and about on your mobile or tablet, you can access LonRes whenever you need it.

  • Simple Pricing

    Our tiered and flexible subscription structure makes it easy to choose the right range of services for your business. All subscriptions are payable by monthly standing order or quarterly in advance and provide unlimited use for up to 10 users per office.

  • Easy To Get Started

    With no installation and only minimal training required, getting up and running on LonRes couldn’t be easier. Our dedicated data processing team make property checks a breeze and our friendly support team pride themselves on helping every subscriber no matter what the query.

  • Safe And Secure

    LonRes is built on best-in-class technology - we never settle for less. Our absolute commitment to security is reflected by the long-standing relationships we have with the market’s most influential players, including most of London’s largest property chains, who trust us to keep their data safe.

Your questions answered

We understand that LonRes may be a new way of doing business for you. With years of experience under our belt and having successfully transformed industry practices in prime central London, we are confident we can address all of your questions.

Q.What if I don’t want to share all my data with the competition?

A. You don’t have to. To start with just put up the properties you want and then build it as you become more confident with the system.  

Q.I know what’s going on in my area so how does LonRes represent value for money?

A. However you try it’s simply not possible to track everything that’s going on in your area – at LonRes we have lots of people doing this for you every day. All too often it’s the ones that slip through that prove to be the most costly.

Q.Agents in this area don’t work together so how could LonRes benefit me?

A. Even more reason for you to use it. When you’re pitching for new instructions, you can tell prospective clients that their property will be shared with 6,000 agents across London at no extra cost to them. Giving you and your client a competitive edge. 

Q.What if I don’t share commission with other agents?

A. You don’t have to, share the ones you want to share and not the ones you don’t. Property finders, who traditionally don’t operate a commission split service, still benefit from using LonRes everyday. 

Q.Isn’t LonRes a system just for central London – is it really for us?

A. LonRes started in central London 20 years ago. High property values across prime London made commission sharing possible, but as prices across the capital have increased, so the attraction of LonRes has spread beyond the core prime central London heartland. Our network includes many of the leading agents outside the capital whose connection to London gives them competitive advantage and helps them win more instructions.

Q.Would I really use the system regularly?

A. Our subscribers tell us that the LonRes system delivers and makes money for them. But don’t take their word for it, try it yourself for free and give it a proper trial. If you still don’t like it, no problem.

Q.Will the system just become a portal for problem cases and properties I can’t sell?

A. Everybody has properties they can sell immediately and everybody has properties that take a little longer.  It doesn’t mean they are problem cases.  The good thing is most agents upload their data on an ongoing basis which means we get everything straight away. 

Q.Could people use this as a canvassing tool as you display the full address?

A. LonRes is based on trust and co-operation between agents. We are committed to protecting our subscribers’ businesses and we apply a strict Code of Conduct. If an agent is suspected of canvassing another’s properties as a result of using LonRes we will investigate and remove them as a subscriber. And if there is a particular agent that you don’t want to share your properties with, we can block them from viewing your stock. 

Q.How do I know my data is secure?

A. Our subscribers share a lot of information and we want to make sure they’re part of a trusted environment. Anyone seeking access to LonRes must be known, established and recognised in their local market. We ask for the names of five established local agents with whom the enquiring company has interacted in the previous six months. In this way we can ensure that they are professional and knowledgeable. We do not provide access to developers, investors or with members of the public. Importantly we investigate any accusations of poor and unprofessional behaviour among our subscribers and will terminate access for consistent abusers.