Lettings Archive


London’s first and only lettings archive, dating back to 2005

Indispensable if you want to:

  • Access an unparalleled database of hundreds of thousands of properties let across London since 2005
  • Interrogate the market, identify comparables and conduct fast, accurate valuations
  • Better understand the market and win new instructions
  • Enhance your business profile through intelligent use of data in publicity and/or marketing collateral

Performance Features

Realtime data

Providing subscribers with the most up-to-date information about properties that are being let across London. Rental prices are available before any other system as they come straight from the agents.

Detailed Search

A detailed and intuitive search facility like no other allowing you to speed search on a multitude of criteria such as building name, postcode, tenancy, number of bedrooms, floor area, price range and much more.

Extensive results

A huge amount of information and history on each property, from price details (including price per square foot), type and tenancy to dates let, photos and floor plans.

Shortlist properties

Create custom lists of results quickly and easily in your own branding.

Save, print and email results

Save your results and print or email them directly to your client or applicants from the system.

interactive map views

Choose to plot your search results on an interactive map. View the full details of each property, including asking price, selling price, tenancy, type and floor area.

Lettings Statistics

View the average house or flat lettings prices over time in an area or postcode. Statistics from our extensive database are displayed in easy to read charts and tables and can be printed or emailed to support your business activities.