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Up-to-the-minute lettings data delivered at an unparalleled depth, quality and speed

Indispensable if you want to:

  • Access a live database of thousands of properties to let across London
  • Take advantage of commission sharing opportunities worth millions of pounds
  • Receive a constant flow of the very latest rental properties in your area and beyond
  • Extend your lettings reach across new areas
  • Speed-match applicants to the best properties across London
  • Keep up to speed with any price, availability or commission changes
  • Showcase your properties to retained agents

Performance Features

Commission Sharing

Millions of pounds of lettings commission opportunities offered daily by fellow subscribers.

Today's Market - Lettings

See property data as it’s processed and added to our systems in realtime.

Today's New Instructions

Instantly see the very latest on rentals in your area, including any changes to price, availability, agent(s) and commission.

Detailed Search

A detailed search facility like no other allowing you to speed search on a multitude of criteria such as building name, agent name, postcode, price range and more.

My Preferences

Tailor LonRes to view what matters most to you. Apply your specific requirements, including postal area and property type.

List & Interactive Map Views

Choose to view your search results in a list or on an interactive map.

Retained Agents Requirements

The only place where property finders can display their requirements for clients, so you can offer your properties.

Branded Templates

Choose to download particulars within a customised template that fits your brand.

Email Particulars

Email the property details to your applicants directly from the system.

Market Statistics

Regularly updated property statistics from our massive database.

My Applicants

Standard CRM systems are great at matching applicants to your properties but LonRes can match your applicants with all the properties across the market, all day every day.


An open area featuring all subscribers, allowing you to share, discuss, comment and digest all things property. Hugely popular among our subscribers, the forum provides a great place to interact and share details of best practice, tips and advice, special properties and upcoming events.

Parking Spaces

Find car parking space across London, including the tenure and photos.

Job Vacancies

Continuously updated, find out the latest sales and lettings openings in the industry.

Latest Launches

Keep your diary up-to-date with upcoming sales and lettings launches.