Meet some of the LonRes Team

  • Chris Welch

    Chris Welch

    Director of Sales

    +44 (0)207 924 6622

    What can Chris do for you?
    With years of experience as an agent himself, Chris is keen to show you how LonRes offers a fast-track to more business in both London and the country. Speak to Chris about scheduling a demo, or start your free trial with us.


  • Emily Pilgrim Photo

    Emily Pilgrim

    Account Manager

    +44 (0)207 924 6622

    What can Emily do for you?

    Emily's previous experience working in the residential property market brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team and means that she is well-placed to understand the needs of a LonRes subscriber.

  • William Carrington, Chairman of LonRes

    William Carrington


    +44 (0)207 924 6622

    What can William do for you?

    William founded LonRes in 1999 with Anthony Payne. Rarely does a question regarding the London property market stump William. His extensive knowledge gained from over 34 years in residential agency and valuation helps all our subscribers make more informed business decisions.

  • Anthony Payne

    Anthony Payne

    Managing Director

    +44 (0)207 924 6622

    What can Anthony do for you?

    As a co-founder of LonRes in 1999, Anthony is passionate about helping property professionals be more successful. If you have any question about LonRes, the industry or simply would like an introduction to a fellow agent, Anthony will be delighted to help.

  • James Golfar

    James Golfar


    +44 (0)207 924 6622

    What can James do for you?

    Having successfully founded multiple companies including the co-founding of LonRes, James is always keen to raise our game for subscribers and bring fresh ideas to the table. As an industry professional, please do share your thoughts with James today.

  • Laurent Lakatos

    Laurent Lakatos

    Director, Databiens

    +44 (0)207 924 6622

    What can Laurent do for you?

    If you’re a property professional working in the Parisian market, get in touch with Laurent. Having successfully taken LonRes to Paris as Databiens and Negobiens, Laurent is helping subscribers extend their business across the city.

  • Alison Blease

    Alison Blease

    PR Director

    +44 (0)7769 677 825

    What can Alison do for you?

    For any media enquiry, please contact Alison. If you’re looking to build a story about the London property market, LonRes data can help identify trends in both sales and lettings.

  • Emma Herriman

    Emma Herriman

    Director of Marketing

    +44 (0)207 924 6622

    What can Emma do for you?

    Please get in touch with Emma if you are interested in working in partnership with LonRes. Perhaps you are an industry supplier and would like to learn about our sponsorship opportunities, or you are a subscriber with some suggestions on how LonRes could serve you better. 

  • Georgie Tarry

    Georgie Tarry

    Office Manager

    +44 (0)207 924 6622

    What can Georgie do for you?

    Please contact Georgie if you have a general enquiry about LonRes. Whilst running a ship-shape office, Georgie can also assist with information about our company events and the charities we work with.

  • Oscar, LonRes Support

    Oscar Gouveia

    Support Analyst

    +44 (0)207 924 6622

    What can Oscar do for you?

    No matter what the query, Oscar can help. Ready to take your call on our rapid-response helpdesk and quick to get to the heart of any issue, Oscar is dedicated to providing timely advice when you need it.

  • Maria Griffiths

    Maria Griffiths

    Head of Data Processing

    +44 (0)207 924 6622

    What can Maria do for you?

    Along with a dedicated team of data processors, Maria is committed to keeping your property data up-to-date on LonRes. Property checks are vital for all subscribers to ensure business opportunities are not missed.

  • Quentin Brodie Cooper

    Quentin Brodie Cooper

    Project Manager

    +44 (0)207 924 6622

    What can Quentin do for you?

    Quentin manages the LonRes development roadmap so that subscribers benefit from a continuous and timely series of improvements. If you are a subscriber and have ideas on how things could work better he’s always eager to receive your feedback.

  • Monika Kastelik

    Monika Kastelik

    User Experience Designer

    +44 (0)207 924 6622

    What can Monika do for you?

    LonRes is designed with you in mind. By continuously listening not only to your immediate requirements but also your longer-term goals, Monika ensures that LonRes remains user-friendly with added value for all its subscribers.