PRESS RELEASE: LonRes launches off-market service

14 August 2019

LonRes, the subscription-based business-to-business prime London trading platform, announced today that it has launched a new free to use off-market service for its subscribers.

As transactions across prime London have slowed, so agents’ reliance on off-market listings has grown.  However, balancing the need for discretion while reaching as wide a net of would-be buyers as possible, remains a constant challenge. Within a closed network of 6,000 ‘LonRes qualified’ property professionals, selling agents can now control the promotion of off-market properties to estate and buying agents with buyers looking to purchase.

In using the off-market service, the selling agent, who remains anonymous, is in complete control of the level of detail they wish to disclose to the LonRes network.  As a minimum, they upload the first part of the property’s postcode, its price, whether it’s a flat or house and its bedroom count.  They can add more information, including photographs, if they choose, but essentially the level of detail they publish is entirely up to them.

The uploaded property, which is clearly labelled off-market, is captured as part of the usual agent search results.  Anyone interested in learning more can register interest by clicking on a ‘contact agent for more information’ link which sends an email directly to the selling agent.

Commenting Anthony Payne, Managing Director of LonRes said: “LonRes is uniquely placed to offer an off-market service to its subscribers.  Not only is the network closed to the public, but would-be LonRes subscribers must qualify to join.  The off-market service simply adds an additional layer of control.  In using the service, selling agents can confidently promote their off-market properties to a wide range of property professionals, while retaining complete anonymity for their property, client and themselves.”