Succeed with LonRes: 10 Questions With
Antoinette Soning

27 May 2021 |

“It’s true to say that the majority of my business is driven by property first seen on the LonRes platform - so for me, it’s invaluable. " Antoinette, Director of Antoinette Soning, shares her experiences of the market and how LonRes has helped her business over the years – including two recent lucrative deals in Surrey and Belgravia.

Antoinette Soning, Director of Antoinette Soning, a family-run residential search agency specialising in prime London, shares her recent and long-term experience of the market and how LonRes has helped her along the way in our new Q&A series with subscribers.

1. Tell us a bit about your business.

I work as a residential search agent for both rentals and sales with clients mainly, but not exclusively, looking for a home in prime London.

My father set up his property business in 1950. Whilst I have always been independent, my brother runs a successful commercial property agency, and I happily work under his umbrella. We are based in Marylebone. My son heads up a well-known restaurant and leisure agency. My nephews and great-nephews are also involved in various aspects of the property business.

2. Over the course of your career, you must have experienced both the best and worst of market conditions. How does the last year compare to other challenging times in the past?

Of course, the market has hit both highs and lows over the last 30 years, but I’ve been lucky enough to stand the test of time and have continued to trade throughout.

2020 was an interesting year for the housing market.  I don’t think anyone could have foreseen just how strong it would be – particularly on the sales side and for those heading out of town on the hunt for more space. But, even in prime London the market held up, driven primarily by domestic buyers. Houses rather than flats seem to be what everyone was – and is still - looking for and in areas with open spaces – be they garden squares or leafy suburbs such as Hampstead.

While London’s rental market has been a little slower, a dip in prices has provided a great opportunity for tenants looking to move closer into town or simply give them more space to spread out.

3. You have been a LonRes member since the very beginning. Why did you join initially?

Yes, I joined in 2000. It is the perfect platform for any agent. A closed professional network, LonRes not only ensures discretion to its members but alerts them to available properties before they hit the wider market. 

Your market intelligence is essential as it keeps me up to date with market changes as they happen. In short, an essential platform to do business from!

4. What is it about LonRes that keeps you with us?

I love the personal, friendly approach and this, combined with the business opportunities it provides me with, makes it the leader in the pack.

5. As a single independent, how does LonRes help you on a day-to-day basis?

I religiously check all new availabilities every day matching properties to clients. There are often interesting features with which to get involved with.

LonRes allows me to stay close to the best agents in the business and consequently the best properties too.

6. At the heart of LonRes is its commitment to helping agents generate additional revenue. What impact has LonRes had on the overall performance of your business? Can you estimate the level of commission that has resulted from your subscription?

It’s true to say that the majority of my business is driven by property first seen on the LonRes platform - so for me, it’s invaluable. 

7. Are you able to tell us about any recent deals you have struck with other agents on the LonRes network?

Most of my major deals have come through LonRes including a 50-acre estate in Surrey that I found for Eastern clients and a home I found recently for a purchaser in Belgravia.

8. Some agents remain reticent about working and sharing information with other agents in the market – why do you believe they should reconsider?

The best opportunities come about through knowledge sharing.  And by working together everyone benefits – buyers and agents alike.

9. What is your most valued feature on the network?

One of the features I use most is the applicant matching tool which enables me to match my applicants to suitable properties.

10. As we head out of the last long lockdown, what do you foresee happening in the market?

I think the last year has taught us a lot about the importance of home.  As we head towards a post-Covid world many of us will be returning to a hybrid way of work where our time will be split between the commercial office and the office in our home.  Space, both inside and out and the importance of community – great neighbourhoods with local shops and restaurants – will be the places people most want to be and where I suspect the market will be strongest.  


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Antoinette Soning, Director, Antoinette Soning

Antoinette joined her family-run firm as an agent some 30 years ago and specialises in top-end rentals and acquisitions in the London residential market.

Antoinette Soningm Director, Antoinette Soning, LonRes London subscriber