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James Wyatt of Barton Wyatt

9 April 2022 | James Wyatt, Director, Barton Wyatt

"I think we can directly attribute close to £500,000 in commissions over the last four years directly as a result of LonRes" 

James Wyatt
Director, Barton Wyatt

James Wyatt, Director of Barton Wyatt - a LonRes country subscriber, takes part in our first Q&A series where we ask him how he managed through the pandemic, the tips behind running a successful agency and how LonRes has helped him do significant business in recent times.

1. Tell us a bit about Barton Wyatt. 

We can trace our roots back to a tiny office on the edge of Bushy Park near Hampton Court which opened in 1869. My Grandfather and his business partner Clifford Barton bought that business in 1927. My brother and I are the third generation in the business. 

2. The past year has certainly been a memorable one. How has Barton Wyatt managed through the pandemic? 

Like most business owners, I wondered what on earth lay ahead when I closed the office doors in March last year. But it’s been a very profitable year. Entirely different to 2019 with almost no foreign buyers and tenants, and a tsunami of movers from London. As a small business, we can change very quickly, and the move to working from home hasn’t proved particularly onerous. We all miss the office though. It’s been tough for staff with homeschooling to oversee.

3. You have been a LonRes member since 2017. How were you introduced to the network? 

I really can’t remember! I think Barton Wyatt was the first ‘out-of-town’ member. I have always believed in the power of networking and sharing commission. Since a good number of our buyers come from London, it seemed to make sense. I was keen to get other Home Counties Agents on board to get the whole idea working well.

4. What were your key business challenges at that time and were they a factor in your decision to join the network? 

There weren’t any challenges – I just saw an opportunity!

5. How was your initial experience with us?

Like all new ideas, it has taken a while to gain traction, but I’m glad we’ve stuck with it as we’ve made new friends, and done some pretty spectacular business directly as a result of LonRes

6. We have heard some in the industry refer to you as ‘Mr. Home Counties’ due to your reputation and impressive results across the area. Has being a LonRes subscriber helped you attract more business and win new instructions over the years?

I don’t know about Mr Home Counties - I’ve clearly been around too long! Every piece of business and our reputation is hard fought for – and we have some very able competitors around us – but LonRes has certainly helped us.

7. LonRes aims to help all subscribers do better business. Has LonRes been effective in generating additional commission for Barton Wyatt and are you able to quantify this and tell us more about any deals you have completed through the network? 

We’ve had some wonderful successes due to our membership of LonRes and I think we can directly attribute close to £500,000 in commissions over the last 4 years directly as a result of LonRes.

8. What is your most valued feature on the network? 

Data, data, data. Knowledge is power! But meeting new like-minded agents is the most fun.

9. It is an extraordinary time for the industry. What are your market predictions for the summer ahead?

What a strange year 2020 was, and towards the end of last year, I thought that 2021 would be a dud. But with the vaccine, helpful Government measures for the property market and the hope of International travel coming back, I think we can all be hugely positive for the rest of 2021.

10. And finally, what are your top tips on running a successful agency? 

Talk – don’t hide behind emails and social media, but embrace positive changes. And get out whilst the going’s good – I’m still looking for the door!



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About the author

James Wyatt, Director, Barton Wyatt

James has 36 years under his belt in the Estate Agency business, almost all with his family business Barton Wyatt, run with his brother Rupert. The niche business in Virginia Water has a mix of sales, lettings and a well established private office. On their doorstep is the well known Wentworth Estate, with the golf clubhouse often in use for discrete meetings.

James has memberships of various trade Associations and was Honoured for his service to the NAEA in 2013.

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